Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Here we are at the end of August already.  We are part way through the first week of school.  It has been a good week.  Caleb is really enjoying his classes and he has told me his teachers are all cool.  It's been a good week of getting back into the routine. 

Today I am thankful for...

~ my sweet husband who sat up with me, rubbing my shoulder when I had a neck ache that wouldn't go away.  He was so concerned and it made me feel very loved.  I felt bad to wake him several times through the night and he was so sweet about it and wanting me to be able to sleep too.

~ my boy enjoying his first week back in school and his positive attitude.  I'm glad he has enjoyed school thus far.  I also am so thankful I get to hear his stories about his day in the afternoon.

~  being able to volunteer at Caleb's school.  I have enjoyed helping in the office this week, cutting out things and sorting papers for teacher boxes.  The secretary called me Tuesday and asked if I had any time I could help them this week.  It has been fun!

~ progress made on our office.  We are changing things up in our office with new flooring.  My husband got everything out of there with a little help from Caleb (and not much from me except for some of my Precious Moments and hope chest) and then Sunday afternoon they ripped out the carpet.  We are going to repaint too and decided on a color.  We want to order a desk/shelving thing also from The Container Store and want to while it is on sale this week.  I guess I should take before/after pictures.  It is funny to walk by it now and hear the echo when we speak with the carpet out of there. 

~ having a crock pot supper turn out so yummy.  I have made chicken and rice many times, and it just tasted so good this week! 

Join us at Grace Alone for Thankful Thursday today. 

Have a day of blessings!

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