Friday, June 25, 2021

Children's Book: God's Always Loving You

About the book:
Remind little ones that God will always be there to love, support, and comfort them—no matter the situation—with this uplifting, reassuring board book.
This powerful little book is filled to the brim with hope and comfort. Simple, child-friendly verse outlines relatable moments of crisis, uncertainty, and fear common to a child's life, and asks who helps us in each of those scenarios. "God, that's who" is the reliable answer, forming a pattern kids will quickly pick up on. Each answer reinforces the book's deeply comforting message: God is always there for us. He loves us, He knows us, and He cares about our needs.
As they listen to the book and look at the reassuring illustrations, little ones will learn that they can lean on God when they are upset or frightened, or anytime at all.

My thoughts:
I love board books....even though my boys are not the age for these books, I still like looking at them at the store or library.  This new book, God's Always Loving You, is a very tender, sweet book.  Even though it is a board book format, this is a message that all of us need to hear, no matter our age! Whatever we are facing....storms, sad news, celebrating with friends, wanting to quit....God is with us

The illustrations fit perfectly with the text in my opinion.  The children have meaningful expressions that fit whatever they are trying to accomplish.  

Click here to read more or buy a copy! 

I received a copy of this book from Hachette BookGroup for my honest review.  Thank you.
Have a day of blessings! 

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Thankful Thursday

Happy summer! Titus saw on the calendar that it is officially summer.

This week I am thankful for...

~ my husband taking me to my school board conference.  I was so thankful for his being there to drive me too!

~ my big boy getting everything ready for his week at camp.  He had a quick turn around after we got back from our trip in getting stuff packed.  I told him I was proud of him for making a stack of folded clothes before we left so it was ready when we got back (and not in the dirty clothes bag).

~ my little guy being so brave as he went to the ENT this week.  He had the wax build up cleaned out of both ears.  He was very brave, I was so proud of him.

~ my bracelet Caleb made me last year at camp broke yesterday....I had hoped to make it a full year till he brought me home a new one he is making this week.  Just a few days short. I knew it was about to break and then yesterday it caught on the door as I was going out and pulled apart.  I wear it all the time as a reminder to pray for him.

~ being able to shop at the book sale after we got home from our trip. We were excited to find some new books.  And my husband came up and showed me one he randomly found for me.  He recognized the title was one that one of my speakers from the conference had written.  It was so sweet that he remembered the title and got it for me.  

~ finding some cheap note cards to buy.  I have a big stash and like to find them for cheap prices.

Have a day of blessings! 

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Thankful Thursday

I haven't been blogging lately but wanted to post my Thankful Thursday.  Here is my list for this week:

~ my husband's sweet support of my being a school board member now.  

~ my big boy being safe as he was out working and came up on two rattlesnakes.  I was so proud of him also for how he handled the situation..

~ my cute little snaggle tooth boy.  He lost two front teeth last week, and I'm thankful for his cute little smile.

~ seeing flowers in bloom.  I had a rose in my yard this week and saw my neighbor's lantana by her mailbox.

~ safe travel. I was thankful I saw a car scooting over in my lane when I was driving my Mom's car this week.

~ being able to volunteer at the local book sale set up.  We missed the sale last year and it was so nice to be able to volunteer again this year!  They have so many books. We are looking forward to going to shop at it.

Have a day of blessings! 

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Thankful Thursday

This week has been full.  Here it is already another Thursday! 

This week I am thankful for...

~ enjoying the time in Florida’s last week with my husband as we celebrated 20 years of marriage. 

~ my big boy learning new things and having new experiences with the cows this summer.  

~ my cute snaggle-tooth boy!  He lost one of his top middle teeth this week and has the cutest smile! 

~ able to do a continuing education class and that my Mom could watch Titus. It was interesting information and was a fast day. Also it was neat when I walked up to take a seat I was sitting right next to a friend from church. I didn’t know she was going to be there. 

~ a surprise shirt in the mail from my aunt!  Also I got to see her and my cousin on Sunday so that was fun too.  The shirt says “Life is better with my boys.” I love it! 

~ getting to have a playdate with our friends who moved in May. They were back in town and we got to see them. 

Have a day of blessings! 

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for....

~ celebrating 20 years of marriage with my husband this week.  I'm so thankful for our marriage and the blessing it is to be his wife.

~ my big boy watching his little brother so I could go get my nails done Friday afternoon.  The timing worked out perfectly.  

~ an anniversary song from my little guy.  

~ seeing our community come together in support of a local graduate who died after a boating accident.  It is such a tragedy and hard to grasp.  

~ seeing new sights and places.

~ the help of a travel agent for our anniversary trip!  

Have a day of blessings! 

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Book: At Lighthouse Point

About the book:

Blaine Grayson returns to Three Sisters Island with a grand plan–to take Camp Kicking Moose to the next level. Her dream starts to unravel when she discovers Moose Manor’s kitchen has been badly remodeled by her sister, Cam, who doesn’t know how to cook. Added to that blow is the cold shoulder given by her best friend, Artie Lotosky, now a doctor to the unbridged Maine islands.

As old wounds are opened, Blaine starts to wonder if she made a mistake by coming home. Little by little, she must let go of one dream to discover a new one, opening her heart to a purpose and a future she had never imagined.

Bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher invites you back to the coast of Maine for a story that reminds you to release what doesn’t matter and cling to what does: faith, family, and friendships.

My thoughts:

I have listened to the audio version of book one of Three Sisters Island series called On a Summer Tide.  I was a little hesitant to read this since it is book 3, but missing book 2 did not effect my understanding of this story.  It would be good to read them in order though. 

It was nice to visit these characters again in this book.  It was nice to see how much the island and Camp Kicking Moose have grown and changed since book 1.

The sisters are so different. This dynamic adds to the interest of the story for me.  Peg is such a great character.  I really liked her in book 1 and again here. The wisdom she shares is helpful to Blaine (and the reader).  

This book starts with many questions.....What did Blaine learn in her time in Paris?  How long will Jean Paul stay and what is his significance in Blaine's life?  Will Blaine and Artie be friends again? 

Visit the author's website here to learn more about her other books.  

I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads for my honest review.  Thank you.

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Have a day of blessings! 

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Thankful Thursday

We have enjoyed our first week of summer vacation. 

This week I am thankful for...

~  seeing my husband skate and how he helped Titus try to skate. 

~ my big boy helping out at football camp three days this week and working various jobs helping people.  He also got to be the babysitter for our last ladies class before we were out for summer. 

~ fun memories my boy had getting to go birthday shopping with Gramma. They didn’t get to go in April. He had such fun and pickled lunch. He chose Golden Corral. 

~ a fun family fun fellowship night with the church.  Pizza, skating, bowling, fellowship,  fun! 

~ getting some new clothes. I don’t remember if I already posted this. One thing was a new swim suit. I found one I liked. I don’t like shopping for a swim suit! 

~ the rain and seeing a double rainbow. We’ve been getting a lot rain. Some people complain about it. It doesn’t bother me. 

Have a day of blessings!