Friday, August 30, 2013

Detective birthday party

This year Caleb wanted to have a detective birthday party.  I looked for ideas on Pinterest, and he helped me come up with things and make things how he wanted them to be.  We had his family party the weekend before his birthday, and everyone seemed to have a fun time. 

First we made the invitations on the computer using some clip art I found on Microsoft Word. I printed them on tag and cut them to fit in a legal size envelope.  The back side had the RSVP information. For the case # I used Caleb's birth date.

We printed the envelopes on our computer as well with CONFIDENTIAL in red in the lower corner, and for the return address we put HEADQUARTERS and our address. 

We decided first we would have a code for the guests to read when they arrived.  I used a font on Microsoft Word called webdings to make the message, and then printed it, glued both pieces to construction paper, and laminated.  The code said "Come inside to be fingerprinted."

We put this on our front porch.
Then we decided the mystery was going to be that lunch tickets were stolen.  The guests had to find their lunch tickets using a clue after they were fingerprinted.  We called it "The Case of the Missing Lunch Tickets."

We made cards for all the guests to be fingerprinted.  We put their name and used their birth date for their ID number.  The ID number matched the number on the lunch ticket.  Here is a picture of the fingerprint cards and lunch tickets. 
We had scavenger hunt type clues for everyone to find their tickets.  We had four different hiding places....the washing machine, phone, freezer, and under a chair.  We also had an easier clue for a little cousin to find her lunch ticket hidden on Caleb's pillow.

Caleb also wanted a laser beam for the detectives to go through so he made this between trees in the backyard with red yarn. 

For the decorations I printed a finger print that I attached to construction paper.  Also I made question marks with black poster board.  Caleb drew me a magnifying glass which I traced onto black poster board and laminated.

We gathered a bunch of disguises too for everyone to take funny pictures. 

This is the sign we made for the front door. 

My Mom made the cake.  Caleb told her what he wanted several months ago and she came up with this.  He thought it was perfect.  (The blotted out parts were our last name). I loved the real magnifying glass that was looking towards the fingerprints.
(Know it is not the best photo but I took a picture of a printed picture so I could cover our name.)
One of the fun things that happened were some "mystery guests" that arrived.  It was so funny to go to the door and see some family  members dressed with disguises.  I did not know they were doing it, and it was so fun and a great idea for the party! 

We had a fun day and the party was a lot of fun!  I'm glad I got to plan it with  my boy. 

Have a day of blessings!


heididh33 said...

Ohmygoodness that looks fun. Great job on the party!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a great idea for a party. I am sure everyone had a great time!