Sunday, November 21, 2010

Prayers & Promises Week #47

It's Thanksgiving week! We are totally excited that we get to move this week! And I'm excited to share that new with you today as so many of you have been praying for us through this entire process. It's hard to believe that in a couple months it will be a year that my husband and I have been praying, planning, and anticipating this move.

This year as we made our thankful list together as a family, I noticed how are list was so different this year from last year. I'm thankful for the lessons we have all learned through this process....trusting God, appreciating the time we have together and not taking for granted eating supper as a family (even without a kitchen table cause I sold it on Craigslist!!).

On Saturday we found out that the offer we made on a house we saw last weekend was accepted. We are excited about this house and it's location. Caleb is excited to be able to watch the deer. When we looked at the house, he found deer tracks. Since the house is empty they are letting us do a short term lease so we can move on Friday! Then when the paperwork is ready in December we will sign the papers to buy it. I love how this worked out!

This week's verse is Psalm 47:6--
"Sing praises to God, sing praises; sing praises to our King, sing praises."

Let's remember the following people in prayer:
~ Denise (Shortybear)

~ all those traveling this week.

~ our military and their families, especially those who are away this week. I was excited to read on Facebook that one of the soldiers from our church came home for a couple weeks today, surprising his wife and meeting their newborn son for the first time.

~ everything to work out regarding our move....from fitting everything into the rented truck to loading and unloading that it will all go well for everyone.

I hope you have a wonderful week this week whatever you may be doing and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a day of blessings!


heididh33 said...

Sooooo happy for you!!! What a Thanksgiving week for you guys! Congrats!!! Happy Move!!!

e-Mom said...

Thanksgiving seems like the perfect time to move into a new home. Congratulations!

And Happy Thanksgiving!

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Pamela said...

Congrats on your move!!!

Loren said...

Oh Bethany just seeing God work in your lives has brought so much encouragement to me! I am so happy for you and your sweet family! How exciting you get to move in!! YAY!!

Praying for Denise and all of these you've mentioned with you!

Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!! I know you will! :)