Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Welcome to another week of Thankful Thursday!  We are over at Women Taking a Stand again.  Hope you will join us in giving thanks.

This week I am thankful for...
~ having a wonderful husband that talks to me, understands me, cares for me, and makes me laugh.

~ my sweet boy making my day....for his thing to add to the thankful list he quickly said "blackberries in my lunch."  It made me smile that he noticed and appreciated them!

~ going to our ladies Bible class Monday  night.  I always enjoy the time, learn something, and am thankful to be able to attend with the other ladies.

~ working on a school scrapbook this week.  I have intended to put pictures in this book for so long and finally did the pictures from Kindergarten and 1st grade this week.  I used large envelopes also to store the extra stuff I had saved from the school year.  I was glad I had saved a little bit of stuff but not too much! 

~ the way January is less busy than December....staying inside, warm blankets, watching a fire in the fireplace.  Speaking of the fire husband stopped at a shop to ask a question about the panel in our fireplace.  The man offered for him to have a free fireplace grate, which we also needed!  It was a nice unexpected blessing!)

(If you like children's books, please check out my review blog called Have you read with your child today?  I will be doing a giveaway there soon!) 

Have a day of blessings!


Kathleen said...

I just love being cozy in the winter around the fireplace - what a blessing it is... Love that you and you hubby are so happy - That is a great blessing!

SGG said...

I love the "blackberries in my lunch" comment. That is so sweet! Stopping by from TT... Simply God's Girl