Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thankful Thursday

As I laid in bed awake this morning I was thinking I'd do my Thankful Thursday post today and how it's just been a yucky week.  We got some news on Monday about my husband's job and an "assignment" he has coming up that has surprised me and been very difficult for me to accept. I can't think or talk about it without crying.  I will share more at another time maybe.  It's a short term thing and just came so unexpectedly and I don't like for him to be gone.

Monday Caleb wasn't feeling well after school, and I thought he was getting sick.  He went to bed early and was okay minus his allergies/drainage he's been battling.  Then Tuesday Titus started throwing up.  He did a couple times Tuesday and about 2 a.m. Wednesday but hasn't since then.

So I need to do this Thankful Thursday and remind myself of the blessings in my life.

Today I am thankful for...

~ my husband cleaning up throw up in the middle of the night while I held Titus and cleaned him up.

~ my big boy not getting sick and the great grades he brought home on his progress report.  He has several projects for his classes, and I love hearing him talk about them.

~ my little guy climbing in my lap Wednesday morning and saying first thing I love you. It made my day as he hugged my neck.

~ receiving a new study Bible to review.  I have enjoyed using it so far.

~ fun watching Caleb's first football game last week.  My aunt surprised us and came and my Dad also came from 3 hours away.  It was fun to hear them say Caleb's name on the speaker for tackles and blocks. We won the first one 22-14 I think.

~ God's love and forgiveness and the reminders He gives that He is with us.

Have a day of blessings!


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Children's Book: God Made the World

Today I have a soft cloth book to share with you that is perfect for the little babes in your life. It is called God Made the World.   It is a few pages in length with a crinkly cover that babies will like to squish. And they will like the special surprise page at the end, a mirror where they can see something else God made!   It is important to introduce even the youngest children to our Creator, and this is a sweet book to do just that.  It has a velcro closure on the outside as well as a loop to attach it or hold it.

I recommend this book to you and feel it would make a nice baby shower gift.

I received this book for my review as part of a Kregel blog tour.  Thank you.

Have a day of blessings!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Children's Book: A Very Thankful Prayer + GIVEAWAY

Thankfulness is something very important to me and a characteristic we want to see in our children. Today I have a book called A Very Thankful Prayer by Bonnie Rickner Jensen with illustrations by Natalia Moore.

This is a board book with a fall theme that shares reasons that we can be thankful everyday. The animal characters share things they are thankful for like pumpkin patches, family and Thanksgiving, friends, and colored leaves.

I enjoyed this book and reading it to my 2 year old.  The illustrations are fun, and I like the various animals used including squirrels, bears, rabbits, and mice.

This is a nice book for fall and to have a lesson on thankfulness with your children or grandchildren.  It doesn't matter the day or the season, we can always be thankful!

Be sure to visit this link for a giveaway of this nice book!

You can purchase the book at this link.

I received this book as part of the Frontgate reviewers program for my review. Thank you.

Have a day of blessings!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thankful Thursday

How is your Thursday?  This has been a busy week for us.  I've been baking some and taking the entries to the fair a couple days this week.  Monday I took 2 cakes, Wednesday I took muffins and bread, and tomorrow I'm taking brownies.  I was so surprised when my husband picked up the bread yesterday and said it had won first place!  It was zucchini bread.

This week I am thankful for...
~ my husband's loving ways and the things he does to help me and make me smile. He often gives me encouraging words too and I appreciate that so much.

~ my big boy being so excited about his first football game.  We are excited to watch him.  He found out he is on A team again this year.

~ my little guy helping me bake.  He was so cute playing with the flour in his chair after he'd helped me.  He had the best time scooping and dumping the pile of flour I'd given him.

~ essential oils!  This week I'm liking "Stress Away."  It smells so good and is very calming to me it seems.  Also I've used "R.C." while my older son sleeps and it has helped him as well.

~ going to the ladies Bible study at our new church.  My Mom and Titus went to the library and I was able to go to it.  I really enjoyed it and hope I can go often and get to know the ladies.

~  snack day with my boys.  I look forward to this during the school year!  It's usually on Thursday but during football we have it on Wednesdays.

Have a day of blessings!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Children's Book: Maverick and Me

If you have animal lovers in your life, you should check out this newly released book called Maverick and Me by Katherine Schwarzenegger and illustrated by Phyllis Harris.  Let me share a little bit about it with you today.

About the book:
Dog lover and animal advocate Katherine Schwarzenegger draws from her own experience with fostering and adopting dogs to create a picture book that introduces children to the concept of adopt, don't shop.

In the heartwarming story of Maverick and Me, Maverick is rescued by a kind-hearted stranger after being dumped on the side of the road. The little puppy's luck takes a turn for the better when young Scarlett meets him at an adoption event. Scarlett is so moved by Maverick's story that she and her mother decide to give him the forever home he is looking for.
Each year, millions of dogs find themselves in shelters and with animal rescues through no fault of their own. Maverick will help teach children about these dogs and empower even young readers to advocate for shelter pups.

My thoughts:
I found this to be a sweet story about a girl named Scarlett and how she decides to adopt a little puppy. I like how she then goes on to share with her friends about rescuing animals as well.  The illustrations are perfect for the story I thought.

This book is a good story and a clear message for young children on the value of pet adoption.  

I have a two year old, and he picked this book to read off the shelf several times.  Some of the text on the page I shortened on some readings but it held his interest and he liked it.  I recommend this book to you for your home, school, or classroom library for young ones in PreK--early elementary.  
This is the website for this book.  Be sure to visit it also.  This book released this week and you can buy it now!

A copy of this book was provided to me from the publisher as I was chosen to be part of the launch team.  Opinions expressed are mind. Thank you.

Have a day of blessings!

Here's Some Happy!

What a great combination of two things I love.....coloring and journaling all in one book!  Here's Some Happy is a beautiful hard back adult coloring book by Gina Graham.

The book itself is a great size for coloring with large pictures to enjoy and other pages filled with lines for you to journal.  Some pages have Bible verses along with the pictures. I think some would be nice to take out and frame.  This book really did make me smile when I received it and first flipped through it.  I liked the cheerful drawings and designs.

Here is a sample of the pages.

Read more here about this book.

I was provided a copy of this book from Hachette book group for my honest review. Thank you.

Have a day of blessings!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thankful Thursday

This week has felt fast to me with the holiday on Monday.  I felt behind all day on Wednesday!

This week I am thankful for...
~ my husband helping me with household stuff.

~ my big boy doing a great job at the open house at his school.  He was one of the speakers. I told him I was so proud of him for getting in front of all those people and speaking.  Next Thursday starts football! I'm excited to see him play again.

~ my little guy asking me if my back hurts. I hurt myself picking him up Saturday.  I didn't think I did anything any different than I ever do when I pick him up but my lower back started hurting.  So I didn't pick Titus up for a couple days.  He would ask me back hurt?  He prayed for it and asked me if I needed some oils.  It was so sweet.

~ having supper with my forever friend on Sunday night.  We talked for nearly two hours. It was wonderful to visit with her.

~ getting to have lunch with two local friends today.  We have changed churches this summer and it was good to see them.

~ cooler temperatures and breezes.

I am praying for the ones affected by Hurricane Harvey and those preparing for Hurricane Irma.

Have a day of blessings!