Thursday, May 6, 2010

Flashback Friday

This week the flashback topic is teachers since this week was Teacher Appreciation Week. Great topic and I could go on and on about this one!

All of my life I loved school. Looking back I am thankful for all the teachers I had. While I have some special memories from each grade, I can pick a few that greatly influenced my life and have a few special favorites.

One was my second grade teacher. I've shared an extra special story about her here on my blog before and the "Mrs. P" apple, you can read it here if you do not already know that fun story. She is still teaching today (but I have her apple!). I really loved my third and fifth grade teachers too. I loved the centers we did in 3rd grade. We also did a Christmas play in her class of the Nativity (yes in a public school and it wasn't even THAT long ago!) I remember my fifth grade teacher had a talent show at the end of the year for us. She played a guitar and sang to us.
In middle school I enjoyed 7th grade Texas history with Mr. Tate. He was a fun teacher and really knew his history and made learning fun. History was never my favorite subject, but I felt I learned a lot in his class.
I had many great teachers in high school. I really appreciated my choir director. I was in choir from 6th-12th grade, and I have many happy memories of trips, contests, and productions with Mrs. Reed. I got to go to New York with her twice to sing in Carnegie Hall with the choir too. She excpected the best of us with each performance and practice. I respect her so much. Mrs. Hohertz taught everyone senior English. She also had high expectations for her students. She always had a challenge for us and wanted the best from all of her students. Everyone loved her! I think we all knew she cared about us and our lives outside of the classroom. Mrs. Nance was another one that seemed to go the extra mile to help me in her math classes in high school. I had her several years and she was so helpful to help me in the mornings before school when I wouldn't understand the homework. She made us do a different project each six weeks. There were some crazy ones! One was building a truss bridge with balsa wood and Popsicle sticks. I could list more memories about more teachers, I am thankful to have so many great ones.
I keep in touch with many of my teachers. Several of them are on Facebook, and I am glad to see how they are doing in life now. Some are still teaching and others have retired. I know of one who reads my blog too. :)

Have a day of blessings!


Denise said...

Sweet post.

Mocha with Linda said...

What great memories. Teachers are wonderful!

quilly said...

I never thought of looking up my teachers in Facebook. I am so old I wonder if any of them would still be alive -- or computer literate?! Thanks for the idea!