Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back at 2009....

This is my post of goals I had for 2009. I'm going to look back at these today and tomorrow I'll share some goals for 2010.

--prayer. I've gone back to a written prayer journal this year. This works well for me. I have written many of your names in my prayers this year and am thankful to see God answer!

--Bible study. I have done some word studies at the beginning of the year and read some study guides as well. One was about the book of John. This is an area I want to change and improve this year.

--budget. We completed FPU in 2009 AND paid off our debt except for the house. :)

--book reading. I did complete 50+ books this year! Two of those were audio books which I found out I enjoyed. I did not read a classic as was on my goal list last year. I did read a book for continuing education credit.

--laugh. I noticed more often times to stop and laugh and not be rushed on to the next thing. This has been great to be intentional about laughing and silly times!

--verse memorization. I did well part of the year on memorizing the verses word for word. Some weeks I didn't memorize the verses of the week, just read over them.

--be earth friendly. I've collected so many reusable bags that I normally don't have to use any plastic when I go grocery shopping. I even remember to take them in!! Caleb always tells the clerk (when he's with me), "we have our own bags." I have found a good use for plastic bags though too....we give them to the food pantry and they use them quickly. We put out our recycle tub on Thursdays too.

--organize/declutter. This continues to be an area I need to work on! We made some progress in getting rid of some stuff but we still have too much.

--get to bed earlier. Another area to work on....sometimes we do good and go to bed at a good time, other nights I talk too much!!

Have a day of blessings!


LAURIE said...

Bethany ... Happy TT and a very Happy new year as well. Thank you for always having a grateful heart and being a part of Thankful Thursday! (((hugs))) - Laurie

The Real Me! said...

Okay I'm just in shock about the 50+ books being read. I'm having trouble trying to read 1. LOL! And trust me we ALL have organization problems.
Have a blessed new year.

sister sheri said...

Wow! Great job! Especially reading 50+ books! That's inspirational! As well as paying off your debt... for sure a lot to be thankful for.

eph2810 said...

Great goals you had set at the end of 2008 for 2009. Cool that you were able to realize most of them...

You made me laugh on your last item - go to bed at a reasonable time --- that you talk to much :) - to cute.

Congratulations about your debt reduction and reusable bags - I always bring mine to the store and all the cashiers/clerks know it :)

Thank you so much for giving your update on your 2009 goals :)

Love & peace,

Amanda said...

Your list is exactly as my list should read... although you accomplished much more then I!!

You are such a dear and I hope you have a blessed 2010!!

Thanks for all you do to further His Kingdom-