Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thankful Thursday

It's been a quick week for us.  Caleb was out of school on Monday.  I did not know that until last Friday evening when he mentioned a teacher telling them to enjoy their Monday off.  I had assumed he was off this Monday on President's Day.  So that was fun to have him home and my hubby will be home this Monday.

This week I am thankful for...
~ having my husband as my Valentine for 19 Valentine's!!!  He asked me to be his Valentine when we were freshmen in college.  I love him so much!

~ my big boy feeling better.  He'd been congested basically all last week.  He was tired and not eating normal either.  He did not want to miss school and I told him if it continued we should go see a doctor.  I was thankfully able to get him an appointment at 3:45 on Friday.  The dr. felt it was allergies causing his problems, and his left tonsil was huge.  He had some med and is better this week.  (He's learned to swallow pills too this week, I'm proud of him.)

~ the way my baby boy gives me hugs and kisses all the time.  He brings me band aids and puts them on my leg (if I need one or not!).  He learned how to give me snuggles like his brother used to do, and I love that!!

~ a sweet surprise from my friend and neighbor.  She brought me a thoughtful card and boxes of cards and stamps cause she knows I like sending cards.  It blessed my day.

~ a lovely Valentine's Day.  It was just such a sweet day that I enjoyed so much.  I got to have lunch with my hubby.  Titus made us laugh as the waitress said "would you like more chips?"  He said "Um yes."  Caleb made our supper that evening...steaks on the grill and baked potatoes in the oven.  I dipped some strawberries in chocolate.

~ having an instant winner on the Monopoly game pieces from our grocery store.  I won a free book from Shutterfly! Caleb and I always save the pieces and try to win a prize so this was particularly exciting to have an instant winner of a book I will definitely make.

Have a day of blessings!

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