Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Random 10 things

There is not a Wedneaday Hodgepodge today to I thought I'd post a list of random things!

1.  It rained most all day yesterday. It was a nice, gentle rain. We are grateful to have it. The local cities have recently started stage 2 water restrictions which is limiting when you can water your lawn to every other week.

2. I like the new sounds made on the new download of Words with Friends.

3. Our church had ladies night out last night. We are going to start doing this once a month. We've done it off and on in the past, and now are trying to make it a monthly thing.

4.  I get mixed reactions when I tell people we aren't finding out our baby's gender. Some clearly think we are crazy and tell me they could never do that. Others think it is so neat that we are waiting in a world were it's so common now to find out.

5.  My boy is working on a ham radio presentation for his science class. He asked his teacher at the beginning of the year if he could talk about it, and now the time has come. He made a PowerPoint and is going to talk on the radio to his Dad in his demonstration.

6. I bought a small block of cheese last night at the grocery store, and my husband's reaction was so funny. I never buy a block, I always buy shredded. I told him it sounded good and sometimes lately I feel like I'd just like to cut off a chunk of cheese. I guess this is pregnancy related!

7. Today is my aunt's birthday. I have fun memories of her from my growing up getting a Big Foot Pizza from Pizza Hut when I spent the night with her and playing the board game Life at her house. I didn't have that game so it was a treat to play it at her house! She dropped me off at school each morning for several years, and it was always fun when she'd come to drop off my cousin with my Mom and bring us croissants that were on sale at Burger King.  There are many other memories, but those came to mind!

8.  I was pleased to see so many voting yesterday. I saw a lot on FB that said they voted. When I went to vote there was a line and more steadily coming.

9.  Yesterday I watched some 5th graders do a presentation on the colonies. Each group was assigned a colony to research and make a poster telling about the geography, industry, etc. of that area. I was reminded we haven't always had the privilege to vote. One of the groups said in their colony you can vote if you own land and another said you can vote if you are a man.

10.  My boy had his first Dr. Pepper last week.

Have a day of blessings!

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Denise said...

Like your list.