Sunday, November 30, 2014

Giving Thanks Challenge 2014

Today I am thankful for....

11-1: the progress made preparing for our new baby today while remembering this date that was my due date for our previous 2013 miscarriage.
11-2: our wonderful church family and their love, support, friendship, and encouragement.
11-3: ears to hear so many books, phone ringing, music, laughter of my son, my husband's I love you
11-4: rain, rain, rain!
11-5: telephones
11-6: standing outside on a cool fall night and seeing the stars and moon.
11-7: watching my boy give a presentation on ham radio to his science class.
11-8: going to bed early when I was very tired out.
11-9: watching both my boys at skate night with the church group.
11-10: wonderful lunch with my forever friend, sweet surprises in the mail, and a time of encouragement with a great lesson at our ladies' Bible study
11-11: hearing the strong sound of our baby's heartbeat and my wonderful husband driving me to the appointment on his day off.
11-12: warm clothes, coat, bed
11-13: my thoughtful husband warming my car for me on cold days.
11-14: having such an enjoyable day up at school.
11-15: my doctor. So glad we went back to her this summer for a second opinion.
11-16: fun gift from my Secret Sister (boxes of cards) plus the pretty snow falling.
11-17: feeling those sweet baby movements through the day plus Caleb reading a book to the baby before he went to bed.
11-18: lunch date with my husband.
11-19: sunshine and the higher temperatures today compared to recent days.
11-20: having Thanksgiving lunch at school with our boy and making our "thankful pictures."
11-21: seeing my boy get his awards today for another great job he did through the 2nd Six Weeks.
11-22: safe travel in rain and fun times playing "spoons."
11-23: nice visit with the family.
11-24: beautiful fall leaves on the trees in our yard.
11-25: remembering to turn off my school alarm before going to sleep.
11-26: laughing and remembering old memories and making new memories today.
11-27: nice Thanksgiving celebration. I'm thankful for so many blessings and all the family we've seen the past week.
11-28: hearing the words "Congratulations, your baby is perfectly healthy" at our ultrasound.
11-29: home safely and hearing my boy tell about his hunting trip.
11-30: a month of blessings too numerous to even helpful loving husband, my son making us smile and laugh, our growing baby, our home and health, our friends and family.

Have a day of blessings!

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