Friday, October 10, 2014

5th Grade

The first six weeks of 5th grade passed quickly for my boy.  We are in the routine now and have quite a busy boy!

Each morning when he arrives he puts up the flags.  This was his job last year at the end of the year. Then he has been running the school store with another boy on Mondays through Thursdays.  They have fun pencils, erasers, etc., and the kids love shopping there. On Friday mornings he helps me sale spirit ribbons.

After school he takes down the flags.  Last year he did this in his last period class, but this year he has math last so he does it after school instead. Since I pick him up each day, I have figured out when to go so he will be done with that!  He also gets the mail for the secretary.

The classwork has been busy too! He seems to have more homework this year than in the past.  It is mostly studying for quizzes and math homework.  Math was rough for us both for the first couple of weeks I'd say, but he is doing great.  (I will say some of the questions on those math papers confuse me so much.  The wording of the story problems makes it seem like they want to trick the student. It is definitely different than what I had.)

Now the past couple of weeks we've added something new after school!  They are starting a robotics team for 4th and 5th graders.  He is really excited to learn about this.  Also, he made the team for UIL Number Sense (which did surprise me that he tried out for this one!) and is practicing for the UIL Picture Memory team (they haven't picked the team yet).  Number Sense is a test that they have to answer as many problems as they can in 10 minutes I think without doing any work on paper.  They are learning some tricks to do them in their head.  Picture Memory is the one he did last year....they have 40 pictures to memorize the title and artist's name.  It is the same pictures for two years in a row, and he remembers most of them from last year.  This year we can focus more on the spelling of the words.  Those practices are held after school each day.

He is also in 4H and the club president.

Also a few weeks ago he made it to the 1 million word club through the AR reading program.  He was the first one to get there.  :)

He is a busy boy and seems to be doing well keeping up with things.

Have a day of blessings!

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

Wow he is very busy for a 5th grader. I'm thrilled for him. Sounds like he is having a great school year so far!