Thursday, June 19, 2014

Full Steam Ahead

"God sees things in a scope so broad our narrow-focused minds can't even comprehend."

This quote really made me stop and think as I read Full Steam Ahead by Karen Witemeyer.  I have read the other books by this author and was looking forward to this new one. 

My thoughts:
Nicole Renard is on a mission to find an heir for her father that will be able to run the family company, Renard Shipping. The family has possession of a very special dagger. The competitors of the shipping business are doing what they can to get their hands on the dagger. Nicole is out to protect the dagger and find a husband for herself at the same time.

Nicole meets Darius Thorton when she is searching for employment.  She will work temporarily for him as his secretary to earn a little money on her way to find a husband. She appreciates that he accepts her mathematical abilities and the ideas she presents to help him in his experiments and research, but she doesn't understand the man's behavior. 

Both of these characters held my interest, and it was enjoyable to read their story.  One thing in particular I liked was the setting of this book was different from many of the historical fiction books I read.  The information about the shipping industry and the experiments with the boilers was all new to me.  I found this to be a nice change from the other historical fiction I've read.

This is a wonderful book from Bethany House Publishers.  They sent it to me for my honest review.  I hope you will check out this one and all the others by this author!

Have a day of blessings!

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Sounds like good reading.