Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Last Bride

I have read The Last Bride by Beverly Lewis which is the newest book of the Home to Hickory Hollow series.  I have read other books in this series and reviewed them for my blog as well.

Tessie is the main character of this book set in Hickory Hollow.   She is in love with Marcus King but her father is adamant that they not marry.  He will not tell Tessie why he feels this way though and it pains Tessie's heart.  She is sure Marcus is the right one for her and doesn't understand why her father won't approve of their marriage. 

Marcus and Tessie make a decision to secretly marry and decide to keep their secret from the rest of the Amish community.  A few weeks after their marriage a terrible tragedy happens.  Will Tessie be able to keep their secret while she grieves?  What will happen if her father finds out? 

Mandy is Tessie's sister.  She has a strained relationship with her husband and is hurting inside because she is yet to have any children of her own.  Mandy and Tessie have a strained relationship as well, not as close as they once had been which hurts both sisters. 

As in the other books in this series, the Wise Woman Ella Mae is included in this story to share her insight and wisdom with Tessie. 

This is a story of reconciliation and the comfort that can come from God during times of grief and uncertainty. 

I always enjoy reading books by Beverly Lewis and look forward to her next release.      

I received this book as part of the reviewer program for Bethany House Publishers.  Thank you for the book. 

Have a day of blessings!

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