Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Match Made in Texas

If you enjoy historical fiction, I have a fun book to share with you today. It is called A Match made In Texas, and it is a collection of four novellas.

First is "A Cowboy Unmatched" by Karen Witemeyer. Neill Archer is hired by someone whose identity remains a mystery to repair the roof of widow Clara Danvers.  (Neill is one of the Archer brothers that we meet in previous books by this author.)  Clara really doesn't want to accept the help, but with a baby on the way she realizes she does need it.

Next is "An Unforeseen Match" by Regina Jennings.  In this story Clayton Weber ends up at the front door of Grace O'Malley to do some work to earn some money to get to the land rush after his horse dies.  Grace has a home of her own and members of he community bring her meals since she is going blind. As Clayton works on her home, she finds out he has secrets of his own and works to find out the mystery behind this man.

The third novella is called "No Match For Love" by Carol Cox in which Lucy Benson becomes caretaker to the aunt of Andrew Simms. Andrew has concern for his aunt Martha to be alone after some strange things she has told him she has seen on the ranch. Lucy does not know how to care for a home yet Martha begins teaching her, and a friendship is formed. When Lucy sees strange things at the ranch, she realizes Martha isn't crazy and wants to prove that to Andrew.

The final novella of the collection is "Meeting Her Match" by Mary Connealy. Hannah Taylor,  the town teacher, has recently endured many losses. She has been a matchmaker for others through the years, but she has not found love for herself.  She wonders if she will be alone for the rest of her life. She cares for the son of the banker, Marcus Whitfield, but he never speaks to her so she does not think he is interested.

I enjoyed this book, and I found myself not wanting the stories to end!  I felt each one could continue with the storyline into another book. I like that they were set in the same town of Dry Gulch  and had some continuity of characters. The characters of the first three were mentioned in the fourth, and I felt it was a good ending.

This book was provided to me by Bethany House publishers for my honest review. Thank you.

Have a day of blessings!

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