Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday

It has been another busy Thursday for me and a busy week (as you can see from my not blogging for the past week).  We were iced in last Friday and Saturday.  Our morning church service was called off due to the ice, and we were able to meet in the evening.  Then Monday and Tuesday because of the refreezing on the roads Caleb had 10 o'clock starts at school.  The "pause" of routine was very nice.  I don't know if we got a lot done but did have a nice time decorating together. 

Today I am thankful for...
~being married to my best friend.  He is supportive of me and makes me smile and laugh and I know he loves me.

~ my boy participating in UIL.  We are so proud of him for making the picture memory team....they were given 40 pictures to memorize the titles and artists.  The test was 15 of the pictures and 5 others for a tiebreaker.  We don't know the results yet but are glad he was able to do this!  He did very well learning the pictures.

~ safety while traveling.  After I dropped off Caleb at school I saw a wreck happen right beside me.  A truck pulling a UHaul on the interstate crashed into the guardrail.  I was down below on the access road.  It was scary to see it happen so close and I was glad the UHaul didn't detach from the truck and come down the hill.  I'm not sure if others were injured in this wreck. 

~ pretty poinsettias.  The 4-H sold poinsettias as a fundraiser.  Caleb sold 23.  I should have taken a picture (although they were wrapped with brown paper so you wouldn't have been able to see them fully!).  They were so pretty and people were glad to get them as we delivered them. 

~ being able to stay warm on the icy days.

Have a day of blessings!

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