Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thankful Thursday

The last day of another month is here.  What are you thankful for today?

Here is my list of things I'm thankful for this week.
~ reading the Bible with my husband.  I'm thankful for that time together.

~ seeing my boy's confidence this week in dressing up on 80s day at school and being a confident salesman for his 4-H fundraiser. 

~ the pretty colors of fall.  I noticed a couple trees in our neighborhood with pretty leaves this week.  They really stood out from those other trees nearby. 

~ having a fun time subbing all day in a 3rd grade class.  It was a fun day and the kids were well behaved (for the most part).  I enjoyed it but also glad I don't have to do it every day. 

~ the sweet postcard I got in the mail from a church friend this week!  It is nice to receive encouragement in the mail! 

Have a day of blessings!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I think that is so wonderful that you and your husband read the bible together. So many things to be thankful for, sounds wonderful.

Gilligan Maryanne said...

Thank you for stopping by :) always love your blog!!! thanks for sharing it with us