Monday, August 12, 2013

I want to remember

.... the way you adjusted so well to your new campus as you began 3rd grade. 

... when I hear you softly humming a song or loudly singing at random times. it filled my heart with joy to see you love reading so much all year long! it blessed me so much to see you leading "I'll Fly Away" and "Amazing Grace" at Meemaw's memorial service. 

... when you would give me a big smile when you'd see me volunteering at your school. 

... how you will ask me if I went to the library and dump all the books all over the living room floor, looking at each one. I was so proud to watch you order your entire sandwich at Subway all by yourself.  I knew you could do it but just seeing you do it gave me a special feeling that you are growing up!

... the shouts of excitement when we told you that you were going to be a big brother.  I am so thankful we had our secret with you for a few weeks.  You got to share in our joy.

.... that you said exactly what I knew you would say whenever we told you about the miscarriage.  I dreaded telling you so much because I knew how excited you were. 

...the way it made my heart smile when you called me from Midnight Madness to see if it was okay for you to get your face painted (because you had never done it before). muddy and dirty you were when we spent a mostly rainy Memorial Day weekend at the river and you loved every minute.

....sharing sunflower seeds and sour straws while we watched field events at field day.

...the night at bedtime when you told me you need new socks and underwear desperately.

...watching you catch a shark and the excitement on your face.

... swimming and playing racquetball on Saturday afternoons.

...the day you told me I was the best mom because I let you get a medium drink for orange Hi-C!! your prayer when you thanked God for letting us live here on His land and the reminder this is just temporary.

...when you accidentally cut your finger and you asked if we could just take you to the hospital so they could put some blood back in you.

... seeing that you won 2nd place in a drawing contest at the library.

..... watching "Let's Make a Deal" together on summer days.

... how encouraged I was when you told me one day a lesson about using knives and the reminder to never give up.

... the day you made slime using a recipe from a library book.

... laughing and screaming together as we rode a water park slide.

... how you make me laugh when we are doing our grocery shopping as you ride on the front of the cart, leaning against me and wiping off my kisses!

... the day you told me you were practically 10.  

... hearing you laugh with Daddy as you shot rubber bands at army men.

Happy 9th birthday to my sweet Caleb! I am thankful for you and the blessing it is to be your Mom.

Have a day of blessings!


Lea said...

What a sweet tribute and he sounds like a mighty special 9 year old. Happy new week!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sweet post:)
Happy Birthday Caleb!

Heather said...

How precious Bethany!! Happy late birthday to your sweet boy!