Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday

We are joining together this week for Thankful Thursday at Grace Alone.

I am thankful this week for...

~ my sweet husband driving me to the baby shower for my sister-in-law Sunday afternoon after he got back from his men's retreat. 

~ having a fun time with my boy while Daddy was gone.  We went to watch donkey basketball.  It was funny to see the stubborn donkeys and people trying to make baskets sitting on their donkeys or get the ball before the other team did.  Lots of laughs!

~ as Iris mentioned in her post, I too am thankful for books.  I love having books sent to me to review.  I also bought one the other day.  It is the new one by Jill Savage called No More Perfect Moms, and I'm excited to start reading it.

~ a positive report at the doctor appointment Wednesday.  I've had a spot on my leg for several months.  I don't know what caused it or how it started or how long it's been there.  I know it's been there since at least Thanksgiving.  I had worried about it and asked the nurse at school and she didn't know what it was.  I had it checked and thankfully it was nothing concerning.  The doctor gave it some big long name that I didn't write down.  Basically it is like a scar how I understood it. 

~ getting to see some family at the baby shower Sunday.  And my niece came to me with a bag of books they'd gotten as gifts for the new baby.  She wanted me to read to her, which I enjoyed doing!
Have a day of blessings!


Kathleen said...

So happy your spot with basically nothing. Those things can be scary. Have a blessed weekend :)

Pia said...

A good health report makes my heart jump for joy. Glad your scar is something that you don't have to worry about.

LaughingLady said...

DONKEY BASKETBALL??! Why have I never heard of this before?? Sounds like something that should be popular in my (red)neck of the woods!! :)

So glad to hear about your clean bill of health. That kind of thing has a way of eating away at me until I'm a complete basket case. And then when I finally get it checked out and it turns out to be nothing, I regret all the time I wasted worrying about it. :P

Okay, now I'm off to see if I can find some donkey basketball YouTube videos...