Thursday, February 28, 2013

My birthday

This year my birthday (yesterday) was very different than my birthday last year!  We all had been sick, and it was the one day of school Caleb missed last year!  As I remembered last year and that blog post, I also was reminded how now I have been keeping my list of "One thousand gifts" for 2 years now!  I am on my second book and up to 3150 gifts as of 2-26-13. 

This year on my birthday my boys came to wish  me a happy birthday when I was still in bed.  Caleb led me to the kitchen, making sure my eyes were closed.  There was a birthday balloon attached to my chair and a donut for breakfast. I thought I might try to take a nap after Caleb went to school, but I couldn't go back to sleep! 

I met my husband for lunch at Schlotzsky's.  We did a couple errands too and when I got in my truck I saw this in the floorboard.  Do you know what it is?

 He moved it for me, and I asked what it was so he gave me the tag.  I was so excited!  I hope I can grow this and not kill it.  Maybe I can!

We went to meet my Mom for supper at a yummy Mexican food restaurant.  I had chicken enchiladas that were delicious.  She made chocolate cake for me as well.  For my gift she gave me this frame. 
photo from
I had wanted a special frame to put the last picture I took with Meemaw before she passed away.  I had looked for one that said Meemaw but mostly they said Grandmother or Grandma.  I had mentioned this when I had the picture printed and forgotten about it.  It was sweet that she remembered and found this frame.  It is so fitting with the little angel because there was a song I sang to Meemaw when I was little about angels.  And Meemaw had given me Precious Moments gifts in the past. 

It was such a wonderful day, and I feel so blessed.  I enjoyed reading all the birthday messages I got via Facebook as well as the blog and email and texts and calls and many cards in the mail. 

The birthday fun continued today!  I had an invitation to have lunch with the 2nd grade teachers at the school where I volunteer.  I had a chicken salad sandwich and they got me a cake also.  It was very sweet and I was touched by their kindness. 

Have a day of blessings!


heididh33 said...

What an awesome day! And how sweet of the teachers to do that. Fun. OH and I miss Schlotzsky's. I think our closest is in Kansas City so I try to get it whenever we go south. YUM!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday! Love the picture frame and your dinner sounds like it was a fun time. My husband and I have been thinking about buying a Pomegranate bush/tree.

Teri said...

Good luck with the pomegranate tree. I hope you get lots of fruit from it. My parents have one and every year my father makes pomegranate jelly. It is SO GOOD, and simple.