Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Here is my thankful list for this week:

~ lunch date with my hubby and purse shopping.  I don't think he thought that was the most fun but he took me and I found a new purse. (see more about purse below! ha)

~ conversations with my big boy about school.  These become more and more important it seems the older he gets. Also, I'm thankful to go to his all region band concert.  It was amazing!  He came home with the music on Friday and the concert was Saturday evening.  They did a fantastic job on the 7 pieces.

~ hearing the words of my little boy.  It's fun to hear him say new things.  And he changes so quickly, some of his words have changed from how he has said them in the past.  He has some cute pronunciations, like tape he says pate.  He's been saying o ra for okra but today started saying it with a k sound too. I told Caleb recently how one day we will notice he no longer says a certain word a certain way and says it correctly, and we will miss hearing him say it in his own little way that he once said it.

~ my  new purse for my new "envelope" pouch.  We have done the Dave Ramsey envelope system for years now.  I have a divided plastic pouch were I keep the allotted money for various categories that we use often like groceries, eating out, extra/splurge money, etc.  I wanted a new one for Christmas, and my Mom got me one made.  She saw a lady at her school with one and knew I'd like it.  It is cloth and has zippered pouches and I labeled them for what money it is.  I love the colors too and everything about it!  So anyway, I needed a new purse for this one to fit in better so I got that Monday and now cause use my new pouch!  (And the purse was on sale and I had a discount besides.)

~ my Mom keeping the boys while we went on our date and shopping.  It was a fun outing and the boys had fun too.  Caleb was out of school Monday)

~ safe travel to and from a far away basketball game.

Have a day of blessings!

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