Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thankful Thursday

It's the first Thursday of August. I know that means school is just around the corner.  I'm not sure I'm ready for that....but I never am really cause I miss my boy!  Titus and I will have to figure out a new routine for sure to fill our days without him at home.

This week I am thankful for..
~ my husband being at home this week and his safe arrival back home last Friday after his trip to Oregon.

~ my big boy's enthusiasm for his birthday party.  He has said for years that his 12th party would be an Olympic theme because we've always told him how we were watching the opening ceremony while we were in the hospital when he was born.  He has been working hard getting things ready for his party.  I'll do a separate post on the ideas and decorations.  He's having fun with it and we are all helping prepare (even Titus has been involved!).

~ my baby boy going to the dentist for the first time. It was not what I expected so I wonder about how other dentists handle "first dentist appointments" for ones this young.  But it was over quickly. He's so cute when I say where are your teeth and he shows me.

~ air conditioning. It remember a couple times walking in either at home or a store and specifically thinking ahh that feels good!

~ working on the DVD for the birthday boy.  I save the pictures from each month to use in a file on the computer through the  year, and then it is pretty easy to add them all to the movie maker program. I have loved going through the pictures and remembering things I'd forgotten from the past year.  It goes so quickly.  I also love to see my boy's interests in so many things as evidenced by the pictures.

~ connections on Facebook.  I heard from a classmate asking if we were planning a 20 year reunion.  This made me think of high school friends and memories.  Then I heard from one of the ladies I send mail to through the group I belong to "Hearts 4 Seniors," and it was nice to hear from her and her shared interest in reading Amish books.  Also I have a group of "August Mommies" who have stayed in touch since our pregnancies with our "babies" who are turning 12.  We don't talk as often as we did when the kids were little, but it is still nice to have that group to chat with.  And finally another Mom helped answer some of my questions about a food issue I'm investigating with Titus.

Have a day of blessings!

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