Tuesday, April 12, 2016

For my baby boy...

To my sweet Titus,

I'll never forget  how surprised I was when my water broke early Sunday morning.  I couldn't believe this was really happening!  That wasn't our plan. Our plan was for you to be born on Thursday. I had a list of things in my mind that would happen before Thursday....our last supper as a family of 3, my last snack day with Caleb, a final baby bump picture before going to the hospital,making a definite decision for your name if you were a boy.

But it didn't happen according to our plans. You have been a surprise from the beginning really....from finding out I was pregnant after the doctor had told us a couple of months before that if we wanted more children I'd need to see a specialist....to the day you decided to "bust out early" (as Caleb said).

My heart is just so full of love for you. The year has gone so fast since that Sunday morning when all your family gathered to welcome you. I remember how my heart felt when the doctor held you up and I saw your cute little pouty lip for the first time.

The year has been amazing.  We have loved watching you grow bigger physically and learn new things. I loved the newborn days of holding you and just watching you, and I love these days now as you have turned into a little toddler. It's so fun to see you explore and discover new things every day.

 I'm so blessed to be your Mommy.  I'm thankful God gave us you!  You bring so much joy to us all. It has been fun to see you interact with your brother and see how much you love each other. I love the joy and contentment I see in your Daddy's face when he's holding you. I have honestly learned so much from you already.

God's plan and His timing were perfect in every way. I could never have imagined it all this way, and I can see that He knew best!  I thank Him for giving us you, sweet boy.

Happy first birthday!

(That's your name for me, I love it!)

Have a day of blessings!


shortybear said...

Happy Birthday to precious Titus

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Such a beautiful post for Titus.
Happy Birthday!!!!!