Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thankful Thursday

It has been a nice week for us overall.  My husband had a business trip so that always makes things a little bit different at home in the evenings, but we managed! Caleb is a great big brother and so helpful to me. The weather has been nice but very windy lately and somewhat cooler.

This week I am thankful for...
~ my husband doing well in his presentation and for his safe travel there and back.

~ my boy's many talents and interests.  He always amazes me with the variety of interests he has and activities in which he participates.  I'm so thankful to be his Mom!

~ seeing our sweet baby boy walking around. He is so cute as he tries to carry things as he walks and then drops the item and bends to pick it up again.  He plops down and crawls too cause that is still faster for him than walking.  He's going farther distances now in his walking. I got his birthday party invitations mailed this week too.

~ getting my first Shutterfly book. I made one of my pregnancy through Titus' birth.  I absolutely love how it turned out and can't wait to make my next one.  It was very fun and easy to make as well. After I turned in my order I was excited for it to arrive, and it came yesterday.

~ fun mail!  I got some new books to review and Titus got his little "Future Wildcat" onesie from ACU. (I finally remembered to submit his birth to the alumni office!)

~ remembering Christ's sacrifice and all He gave for me.

Happy Easter!

Have a day of blessings!

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