Thursday, January 7, 2016

First Thankful Thursday of 2016

Well it looks like I haven't blogged since last Thursday! I have three reviews I need to do so hopefully those can be done soon.

It's been a good week....the pace is slower it feels like to me after the holidays.  My husband has been gone to a business trip and my son went back to school on Tuesday so it's been busy.

This week I am thankful for...
~  my husband being back from his trip and for us seeing a "bigger purpose" in him being there than just his meeting.

~ the way my big boy is willing to help out with his brother.  With Daddy gone he watched him while I took a shower in the evening.  He had him in his high chair feeding him when I got out.  :)

~ having fun with our baby boy. It was so fun to just sit and watch him play.  He likes to open and close things.  He got a little tower with balls that roll down it for Christmas, and he's figured out how to put the ball at the top.

~ for the reminders from God this week telling me not to fear or worry. I love when He does that for something I didn't even realize I needed to hear!! I have seen the same encouragement repeated over and over this week....the message Sunday morning, certain verses I've seen, two devotional readings, and several songs in a row as I listened to the radio.

~ the things we can easily take for granted like washing machine and dryer, warm bed, heater.

~ starting the new year off with writing daily verses from the Bible.  This has been so enjoyable and beneficial to me to do.

Have a day of blessings!

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