Thursday, July 16, 2015

Thankful Thursdsy

Marsha's Musings

I guess it's been a pretty normal week. We've been home just enjoying the days of summer and not having much planned.

This week I'm thankful for....
~ my husband taking care of things like vehicles to the shop.

~ reading at night with my big boy. We had gotten out of the habit after Titus was born and now have started again. I chose a book called Fish in a Tree which I saw recommended on a blog. It's a good story, and we are both enjoying it.

~ watching my sweet baby boy have fun in his bath. He loves taking a bath and gets excited about it apparently. He kicks and kicks his legs and just seems to enjoy the water so much.

~ lazy days of summer. It's been nice to not have to be anywhere at a certain time most days.  And getting to do little fun things with my boys like going to the library and stopping at a bakery for cookies/cupcakes and another day for froyo.

~ money in savings for unexpected expenses. We've had a couple of those situations this summer, and I'm glad we can pay for it.

~ finding a place to go for our vacation. I usually plan a vacation in April or May but did not this year  since I had a baby then!  I figured we'd want something closer to home this year instead of traveling to another state like we did last year. I am looking forward to it and think we will have a nice time relaxing and being together.

Have a day of blessings!


Tessa said...

You have a beautiful list and watching a baby splash in their bath is so fun to watch. Congratulations on having a baby not so long ago. Have fun this summer.

Denise said...

nice thankfuls.

Marsha said...

I know! Join us in CO for Adam's wedding in September! That would be a great vacation! ;)