Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thankful Thursday

I thought of writing this post earlier and did not. It has been a somewhat busy day for me. I had my 6 month dental check-up and also went to get my hair trimmed plus lunch with my husband.  Then after school was snack day with my boy plus homework and then we went out to help at the archery range. (The boys helped, I stayed in the truck and wrote thank you notes!)

Today I am thankful for...
~ my husband taking me to the doctor appointments.  I know he has a lot to do at work, but he never complains about driving me. We both feel we made the right decision to go to this doctor out of town.

~ fun conversations with my boy after school. I always enjoy hearing about his day and the things he thinks about.

~ the baby was flipping inside my stomach this week as the doctor was listening to the heart beat.  The doctor was laughing to see how active the baby was being, moving all around. 36 weeks today!

~ sunshine and flowers.  I'm thankful for the spring weather!

~ finishing the thank you I need to address them.  We are so thankful for the things we were given at our shower.  So many useful and cute things for baby!

~  feeling like cooking this week.  One night Caleb helped me make biscuit pizza bake, we had fun cooking together. Another night I had a roast in the crock pot and then spaghetti.  These meals left us with leftovers, which is always something to be thankful for too in my opinion!!

Have a day of blessings!

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Tori Leslie said...

Praise the Lord for flowers and flipping babies! Have a great weekend Bethany!