Tuesday, November 5, 2013

CD: A Way to See in the Dark -- Jason Gray

This is my second Tuesday to share a CD review with you.  This one we purchased for ourselves at the Glorious Unfolding concert we attended in September! 

Are you familiar with Jason Gray?  I recognized the name from the radio, but I wasn't positive which songs he sang when I saw that he was going to be part of the "Glorious Unfolding" tour.  When he sang though. I recognized his songs right away!  He shared a wonderful testimony of how God can use our weaknesses for His glory.  I really appreciated what he shared so openly and honestly. 

I have several favorites on this CD but here is one of them.  It is called "Nothing Is Wasted."  I like the reminder that things in our lives that we see as mistakes or that cause us pain can be used by God for His glory. 

If you have not listened to Jason Gray I encourage you to try out his music.  He has a new album coming out March 2014. 

Have a day of blessings!

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