Saturday, February 9, 2013

Firefly Island

I have read other books by Lisa Wingate (like Blue Moon Bay and Never Say Never) and was excited to receive her new book Firefly Island in the mail for my review.  I did not know much about the book but figured I would enjoy it since I've enjoyed other books by this author.

Firefly Island is the story of Mallory Hale and the drastic life changes she experiences when she falls in love with Daniel Everson.  The two marry quickly and end up in Texas in Moses Lake because of Daniel's new job.  Mallory  has so many changes to deal with as she is now married with a young step son and living in Texas, far away from her family and the life she is used to on Capitol Hill. 

She has feelings in the beginning that maybe it was all a mistake, and she doesn't understand her reasons for being in Moses Lake.  Everyone is suspicious of Daniel's grumpy boss, Jack West, and there are all sorts of rumors about him which add to Mallory's worries.  Mallory gradually develops friendships within Moses Lake and begins to feel more at home.  Then there is an accident on the ranch involving Jack.  Mallory is very suspicious and intends to find out why things are so fishy. 

As with any book I think you can learn from the characters and the situations they encounter.  I liked Mallory from the beginning and liked to see her grow and change through the pages of this book.  She learned that people have secrets and reasons for the way they are.  

There were parts of the book that were slow for me, but overall I enjoyed the story and characters.  I look forward to more from Lisa Wingate and Moses Lake

I received this book from the publisher for my honest review.

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Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

I've enjoyed the other Lisa Wingate books I've read. I have this one in my TBR stack, I need to get to it.
2 Kids and Tired Books

Paula Phillips said...

I tried to read this as I had recieved it from Litfuse and was excited as I had previously read her book Larkspur Cove and Talk of the Town but like you found Firefly Island a tad slow for my liking.
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