Monday, March 22, 2010

Kids and husbands

When I was pregnant with Caleb I found an online group of ladies also with August due dates. We have stayed in touch through the years even with changes in an online community with our own email group and most recently on Facebook. Lately I've been hearing from these Mom's that their five year olds have loose teeth or who have already lost a tooth. This just means to me that soon my boy will have his own loose teeth! (Am I read for that?)

This got me thinking about how our children grow up. When they were babies we shared notes on when they were doing every developmental milestone. It's hard in those times not to compare your child to another child. Is my child behind (or ahead) because this other child _______ (sat up, started talking, walked, rode a bike without training wheels, tied his shoes, etc). Now these five year olds are losing teeth. Losing those baby teeth will mean he's growing up. Just as I couldn't imagine him with teeth before he started getting teeth, now I can't imagine him without his baby teeth!

Thinking about this new stage has got me to thinking about how we make comparisons between kids. It can be hard not to compare your child when you are around others of the same age. I have realized lately that there is no need to compare my boy with others. Children are all unique in their abilities just as we as adults are. If he hadn't learned to tie his shoes already, would I love him any less? If he isn't the fastest on his team, will I feel less love for him? Would I think he was less wonderful or less great if he doesn't learn to ride his bike without training wheels before he's six? NOPE not at all!

Over the weekend I was talking to my husband about calling to have our air conditioner serviced. He said that it was just not something he was good at so we should call someone. I thought about this comparison thing. I told him I admire him for who he is. It doesn't make me think less of him because he can't repair air conditioners. He is great at what he does and has many skills and talents.

Do you find yourself comparing your children or husband or even yourself to others? Realize today that they are unique and special. Your love for them shouldn't be based on what they do or don't do. Appreciate them for who they are and what they contribute to your family.

I love both my son and my husband because of who they are. I wouldn't want to change them. They are who God made them to be. And I happen to think they are the best just the way God made them!

Have a day of blessings!


Denise said...

You are so precious.

sister sheri said...

So true! For some reason we can tend to want to compare... it is such a relief to give that up, isn't it! When I have people tell me what my husband should or shouldn't be doing... I remind them of how wonderful he is in so many areas... because he is!

Loren said...

Oh that darn spirit of is straight from the enemy! The Lord made our fingerprints like no one elses....we all are unique and that is just one amazing example of how HE sees and made us that way....If HE made us and adores us then by no way does HE want us to compare or be jealous of what the other one does or does not do....You are soo precious and I love your sweet heart! So does the LORD!