Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bible Reading: Job

I'm reading through the Bible chronologically this year. I'm following the guide I found online. There are several different versions out there. I read a few chapters of Genesis and now I'm in Job. I've found many lessons in the book this time as I've been reading. I came across another of these Tuesday and wanted to share it with you.

Read Job 26. Job talks about God and His power. I particularly liked verse 7--"He suspends the earth over nothing." That verse just made me smile to read. Another version I read (New Century Version) said "God stretches the northern sky out over empty space and hangs the earth on nothing."

This passage made me think of something I heard Monday on the Glenn Beck radio program we were listening to in the car. He was talking to someone who was an atheist. Then later he talked about how some people believe the earth "just happened." He talked about the temperature in space. If it was off one degree, we wouldn't be here he said. How can you think that "just happened" and it "just happened" to be at exactly the correct temperature?

The rest of Job 26 talks about more of God's wonders. Then look at the end (again in the New Century Version) verse 14--"And these are only a small part of God's works. We only hear a small whisper of him. Who could understand God's thundering power?"

I love that! All of this that we see around us and the many ways we see the glory of His creation are just a "whisper of Him." Just think of all that we can't see and understand right now! Amazing! Thank You, God!

Have a day of blessings!