Friday, May 19, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Hooray for the last week of school!!  It has been a great year in 7th grade with some important lessons along the way.

This week I am thankful for...
~ lunch date with my hubby!  We normally eat with him on Tuesday and the past couple of weeks we have not, so I was glad to be able to again this week.

~ our 7th grade boy doing so well and being recognized at the award ceremony.  He got awards for A/B Honor roll, medal and ribbon for UIL in the fall, top boy in 7th grade band and top boy in 7th grade science.  We went to his awards ceremony on Monday morning.

~ our little guy's determination and independence. Whew!  Some days it's hard because I know I could do it quicker or with less frustration, but he is so determined to do some things when he sets his mind to it and doesn't want help.  The other night he wanted to put his socks on before bed and he worked till he had them both on by himself as well as his pants. He did not want up to stand up to get them on and figured out how to get them on himself....I have prayed that God will grow those qualities into something big and positive as he grows up.

~ my Mom being available to watch the boys when I had a meeting.  They went to eat and to the park and all had such a fun time!

~  safety in the storms.  They were not too bad here but we had some hail and lots of rain it seemed.

~ our end of year traditions.  Titus helped me make the poster to hang on the garage before we go pick up Caleb from school.  It says "Welcome to Summer 8th grader."  (I know I'm going to be emotional at some point thinking of my boy being an 8th grader and going to turn 13 this summer.)  Titus was cute helping me with the poster and erasing like I did and then coloring across the letters.  Another tradition is for Caleb to get cupcakes and ice cream for his last day of school breakfast!

Have a day of blessings!

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy for the lunch date with your husband! Love the independence of Titus and being an 8th grader is a big deal for sure.....