Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thankful Thursday

I almost forgot it was Thursday!  We all haven't been feeling well this week. Sniffles, coughs, allergies.

Today I am thankful for..,,
~ my husband knowing me so well and telling me things that he knows I will say or do, and he's right. (And tomorrow is 15.5 years we've been married.)

~ my big boy competing in various school competitions. He's been working hard practicing his music and his speech. I'm excited to see how he does.

~ my little guy feeling better quickly. He started having a barky cough in the night Sunday and I ended up holding him upright so we could sleep. I recognized it to sound like the croup he had exactly a year ago. I called his doctor and we waited to see if he got worse before taking him in. He did not get worse and improved quickly with the things we did at home.

~  beginning our Countdown to Christmas. This year I printed links to make a chain.  Each link has a name of Jesus with a verse. We will do these at supper this month.

~ leftovers my Mom sent home with us from Thanksgiving. We have enjoyed them this week.

~ the fun, relaxing time we had over Thanksgiving break plus getting online shopping done. It's fun to have the packages arrive!

Have a day of blessings!

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Sr. Ann Marie said...

Happy Anniversary and a half! I love your chain of links--very clever idea and a great way to help your children understand the real meaning of this beautiful season!