Monday, October 31, 2016

Book: Things I Wish I'd Known....

About the book:
In Things I Wish I’d Known Before We Became Parents, Chapman and Warden share wisdom gained from raising their own children and from the many families they’ve counseled through the years. They explore numerous topics like how children change your life, how to accept your child’s uniqueness, potty training (yes!), why kids need boundaries (starting as infants), the importance of modeling, why social skills are as important as academic skills, and why emotional health is critical. While much of the book focuses on parenting, Chapman and Warden also spend a chapter focused on marriage, encouraging couples not to put their marriage on auto-pilot when the kids come.

About the authors:
Dr. Gary Chapman is an author, speaker, and counselor who has a passion for people and helping them form lasting relationships. He is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages® and the director of Marriage and Family Life Consultants, Inc. Gary travels the world presenting seminars and his radio programs air on more than 400 stations. He and his wife have two children and several grandchildren. Dr. Shannon Warden is an assistant teaching professor at Wake Forest University where she teaches in the graduate counseling program. She is also the director of counseling and director of women’s ministries at Triad Baptist Church in Kernersville, NC. As a professional counselor, Shannon has counseled children, families, young adults, women, and couples since 1998 and has served as an assistant to Dr. Gary Chapman since 2003. She and her husband have three children.

My thoughts:
This is an easy to read book that would make a nice gift for a couple expecting a child.  The authors give good, practical advice on various topics such as the costs associated with raising a child, educational decisions parents need to consider, and how the husband/wife relationship will change once a child is born.  There were several things they shared that I agreed it would have been nice to know before we had children!

One chapter I particularly enjoyed was about how all children are different.  I have seen this with our two boys, and it was nice to read and be reminded how ALL children truly are unique and different. What works for one may not be the best approach for another. One may learn something faster than another.  That's all okay and important for parents to realize before they start comparing their baby to other babies.

I enjoyed this book and recommend it to couples expecting a child.

I was sent a copy of this book by the publisher for my review.  Thank you.

Have a day of blessings!

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