Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thankful Thursday

We are in our first week of school. It has been an adjustment for us all....Titus missing his brother, Caleb's early mornings/long days, Daddy taking Caleb to football practice early in the morning, me making sure we get everything done in the evenings so we have smooth (early) mornings.  :)  He has to be at the field at 6:25.  He has done great so far as we get into the swing of things.

This week I am thankful for...
~ my husband's helpfulness in our new schedule and being willing to take Caleb in the mornings.

~ my big boy enjoying his first week of 7th grade and sharing details about his day, classes, teachers, and classmates with me.  He has a good schedule.

~ having fun taking my baby boy to the library story time.  I loved seeing him take it all in!  He was up dancing by the last song so I think he will be more involved as he gets used to it and what they do. It was so fun and just how I'd imagined/hoped it would be with the songs, books, interactions, etc.

~ visiting with my neighbor/friend today.

~ browsing at Goodwill while I waited to pick up Caleb.

~ and finally our dog Sammie.....she would not stop barking this morning.  I went out and she ran to the porch and when I went back in she went back to her barking.  She was by the side of the house without a direct window so I couldn't see why she was barking.  She's done this before when she caught a bird or mouse.  I put my shoes and went off the porch  She acted weird when I tried to get off the porch, ran around me, then went back to the porch by Titus.  I had a hoe and started looking around.  Then I saw a snake on the side of the fence.  I got back to the porch and thanked the dog.  I went inside, called my husband and animal control.  They were able to come get the snake.  It was a rat snake.  This is the 3rd one we've had in our backyard in the nearly 6 years we've lived here.  I could not believe the man came and picked it up with bare hands!  I saw him take it to his truck and put it in a little bucket.  I was thankful for the dog warning us about it as Titus and I had been going out in the mornings to play with her this week.  It would have really scared me if I'd come upon that in the yard without warning!

Have a day of blessings!

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