Friday, August 5, 2016

A Different Beautiful

I have shared in previous posts about this book because I was part of the launch team.  Today I want to share my official review of this wonderful book!  There is just so much I love about this book! 

All through the book I kept reading and finding little nuggets that made me stop and think. Brenna's story is beautifully written and will definitely touch your heart. The message of this book is extremely relevant for our time. These are the words that can bring change if people would apply them. I felt like I learned so much from this book!  It is one I want to reread and see what I can gain from it the second time around. 

It was easy to read, and there were so many times I would stop and reread a passage to try to soak it in. I also found that the information was very informative to me as a parent and how to handle situations with my own children regarding our differences and the beauty of each of us. 

This book definitely touched my heart, and I'm so glad for the opportunity to read it. I enjoyed Westlake's writing style and would love to see more books from her in the future. 

Please consider buying it! I'm sure you will be blessed to read it. You can visit the author's blog here. I have been reading her blog for several  years now and always enjoy her stories about her family.

I was given a copy of the book as part of the launch team, and the review opinions are my honest feelings. Thank you.

Have a day of blessings!

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