Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thankful Thursday

We have been mostly at home this week, not traveling. Here is my thankful list:

~ my husband bringing home a s'mores pizza extra for me when he stopped to pick up our pizza for supper from Papa Murphy's. I had done the order online, and he added the s'mores one to surprise me.

~ my big boy having a fun time fishing. I loved the pictures and his stories. He looked so grown up in the pictures with the fish he caught.

~ my baby boy having a great report at his 15 month check up. He did okay with his shots as well. He cried of course but didn't have fever or anything because of them.

~ liking the new pediatrician. We switched for several reasons. I'm glad we found one we liked.

~ finding books at Goodwill for 4/$1.00 for Caleb. I picked some I thought he'd like and figured if he didn't want to read them it wasn't too great of a loss!  I resisted getting the packs of cards and envelopes I saw for cheap since I need to use the ones my aunt got me recently before I buy more.

~ and speaking of books, I'm thankful for the libraries we have here. I ran in and found the next book in a series I'm listening to in the car. Also they offer Hoopla so there are more choices to listen to at home. We all love books. I hope Titus will always like them much as the rest of us.

Have a day of blessings!

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