Monday, May 23, 2016

Live Fearless-- An Adult Coloring Book

Live Fearless is an adult coloring book by Margaret Feinberg.

About the book:


What if? Life is riddled with uncertainty. Perhaps that's why Jesus is so passionate in His command, "Do not fear." He challenges us to enter uncertainty with faith, the unknown with trust, the uncharted with hope.

Live Fearless provides an opportunity for you to pull away from the hustle and bustle of life to pray, journal, and unleash your creative gifts and rediscover the goodness and faithfulness of God no matter what you're facing.
 · Spend time in prayer, reflecting and growing in your relationship with God
 · Commit Bible passages to memory and deepen your faith
 · Share your fun artistry with others through what you create

Color and doodle and learn to live fearless as you craft God's Word into your heart.

My thoughts:
I have used several other adult coloring books, and I can say his one is very nice and well done. There are a variety of pictures which I like.  I never know which type of picture I'll be in the mood to color so it's nice to have a little variety to choose from! For example, one I like has the verse Psalm 27:13 in the middle and is surrounded by a scene with leaves, a buck and doe at the bottom, and mountains across the top.

The book is encouraging with all the verses. There is also a place for you to write your thoughts about the verse on the page across.

I received this book for my review from Bethany House Publishers.  Thank you.

Find out more about this book by clicking here.

 Have a day of blessings!


Stacey Schneller said...

Looks like a great adult coloring book. I will have to look out for this one. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day. :)

Sr. Ann Marie said...

That sounds delightful! I bought an adult coloring book recently and it also has pages for journaling. Actually I purchased it because I journal on a regular basis and liked the idea of combining it with something creative. However, I like the idea of the verses to provide a basis for the journaling and I'm wondering if the coloring pages might be more to my liking than the book I purchased.
Thanks for the suggestion!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That coloring book sounds really nice. I have a few coloring books which I haven't even opened yet but I would enjoy reading the Bible verses as I go!