Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thankful Thursday

This has been a good week it feels like to me.  I have been successful at getting some things completed which is always nice.  We did have a storm come through on Tuesday evening.  It was not as bad as they had predicted; however, it was scheduled to hit at 7:00 p.m. which was also the time for the band concert.  The concert was cancelled and will be rescheduled.  Caleb was disappointed as he had really been looking forward to playing.

Here is my thankful list for this week.

~ random note of appreciation from my sweet husband.  Also I am thankful for our talks at night before bed.

~ a funny situation with my big boy this week that is still funny to think about.  One night he came to my bed because he couldn't sleep, and I was not asleep yet but laying with my eyes closed and talking to my husband.  I opened my eyes, and he was standing there at my bedside.  I think I said what are you doing and jumped! He said he'd made a psssst noise and patted me.  It really scared me to see him there!  I went back to his bedroom with him and he went to sleep, but I kept laughing about it.

~  fun grocery shopping trips with my little helper boy. It is fun for me to talk to him as we are shopping and notice the things he notices like the balloons and workers moving around carts.

~ beginning to work on my next photo book from Shutterfly. I was very pleased with the first one.  I am getting the pictures uploaded as I have time so they will all be there when I'm able to work on it.  It is fun to see how it all comes together. We all love looking through the first book I made.

~ great encouragement in my day through audio books. I have one I listen to in the house while folding laundry and such.  Then I have another in the car to listen to while I drive to get Caleb and to errands.  I'm so glad I gave audio books a try all those years ago! I listen to both fiction and non fiction.

~ sleep! Titus was restless for a couple nights, but he has slept better the past couple of nights so I was glad to get some more sleep too and a nap one day.

Have a day of blessings!


Karen said...

I have pleasant memories of taking my children grocery shopping when they were small. It is a great learning opportunity for them and special time together.
Thanks for sharing and reminding me to be thankful. Have a blessed weekend.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Nothing like opening your eyes and having your child staring at you!!! Sounds like a great week and I love making Shutterfly books. Hope you have a nice weekend.