Friday, September 26, 2014

Why Dogs Are...

Book Description:

God made dogs to be companions and helpers to humans, wrapping them up in a package of love, devotion, loyalty and fun. We can also learn important lessons from them. In this story about Brian, a dog teaches a very special child some very special lessons. Why Dogs Are was awarded a finalist medal in Spirituality by the Indie Book Awards 2014, and is proud to donate 100% of its net profits to charities that support animal pet therapy activity. 

My Thoughts:
This book was not what I expected when I read the book description. Obviously it is children's fiction, and the reason behind the story is great....a dog helping a boy who can't see or hear.  We all know dogs are wonderful, helpful companions. I liked that part of the story. However,  I did not agree with the way the author went about getting the dog to Brian and that because the dog did a good job God decided to send other dogs to earth. 

I do not like when fiction books take something about God or Heaven and make it appear as fact when it has no biblical basis. As my 10 year old said after he read the book, "they need to get their facts straight."  I would not recommend this book. 

I thought the illustrations were very nicely done and any child who likes dogs will enjoy looking at this book. 

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Thank you to BookCrash for providing this book for my honest review.

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