Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thankful Thursday

I had thought this would be a pretty "normal" routine week for us but over the weekend we had two deaths at our church.  We had been praying for these two individuals for some time, and they both left their earthly lives this past weekend.  So this week we had two funeral services.  We helped with the meals for the family too.  In this I felt blessed to see how our church family joins together to help and lift up those facing loss.  It was a comfort to witness everyone working together to provide the meals and try to encourage the family.  It also was encouraging to remind me that we have hope of eternity in Heaven and that we will see these again someday.

This week I am thankful for...

~ the treasure of my husband and being married to him!  I love him so much! 

~ seeing my boy's servant heart.  Sunday at church they announced the information about the funerals.  After the service he told me he had asked one of the elders if he needed help setting up for the meal.  It touched my heart that he asked on his own if he could help.  Then at the meal he fixed the glasses and served the tea.  I was thankful to see him doing this and that we could be there to help together. 

~ enjoying our 4th of July celebration last weekend.  My husband was sick last Thursday and stayed in bed all day.  Then Friday morning he still wasn't feeling well so I took Caleb to a neighborhood parade.  By evening my husband was better so we went to watch fireworks.  It was such a beautiful night and we enjoyed the display! 

~ seeing my Dad this week.  He was passing through and stopped to see us.  I was glad it worked out timing wise after one of the funerals.  We had ice cream and visited for a while. 

~ enjoying all our tomatoes from the garden!  The bell pepper we picked was good too.  That plant has two more growing.  I am praying for more rain. 

Have a day of blessings!

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