Monday, July 7, 2014

Child of Mine

I have finished Child of Mine by David and Beverly Lewis.  What a pretty cover to go with such a wonderful book!

About the book:
Flight instructor Jack Livingston has been raising his eight-year-old adopted niece, Natalie, since the accident that took her parents' lives. When he travels, Natalie is tenderly cared for by her Amish nanny, Laura Mast, who loves the little girl as her own.

Eight excruciating years ago, Kelly Maines's baby was kidnapped. Determined to find her child, Kelly has tirelessly pursued every lead to its bitter end. And now, with the clock ticking, one last clue from a private investigator ignites a tiny flame of hope: Just a few miles away lives a young girl who matches the profile.

Can this be, at long last, Kelly's beloved daughter?

My thoughts: 
I was excited to read this book written by Beverly Lewis with her husband David. It was different from other books by Beverly Lewis in that one of the characters was Amish but the other main chargers were not.

Laura is a shunned Amish woman who has been Natalie's nanny, and the two share a special bond. When Natalie's adoptive parents die, Laura continues to be her nanny while Jack (Natalie's uncle) takes guardianship. He adores Nattie and will do anything for her. (Sometimes it seems he takes this to an extreme.). Nattie desires to have a mother and even hints that Jack should marry Laura. Jack's sister San thinks Jack needs to begin dating and offers her suggestions as well.

Kelly Maines enters their lives with many secrets of her own. She quickly falls in love with little Nattie and Jack. She desires to have a family of her own. Can she have that with Jack and Nattie?

Where does this leave Laura?

This is a story if secrets, forgiveness, and healing. The characters are enjoyable. San and Jack have a strained sibling relationship at times. Jack wants to provide all he can for Nattie who has lost so much in her life. You can tell he really cares about her.

This story really had my interest, and I had a hard time putting it down!

Thank you to Bethany House for sending me this book for my review.

Have a day of blessings!

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