Monday, June 9, 2014

Purposeful Design


Have you ever paused to consider the vastness of this universe or the amazing design of the seasons we enjoy?  Has your mind ever pondered the instincts of salmon or the unique characteristics of the camel designed so perfectly for its habitat? 

In Purposeful Design Understanding the Creation by Jay Schabacker, you will catch a small glimpse of the amazing design of our Creator.  

This book goes through each day of creation and focuses on a different aspect of creation for each chapter.  The pictures are well done and fit so nicely with the text.  This is a coffee table size book in that it has large pages with detailed photos and some charts as well.

I read most of this book as I was sitting outside near a river on a cool day.  As I read I was aware of the beauty of my surroundings and the great care and design given by our Creator to this place we call our home.  I think sometimes we get busy and take for granted how things work, like the seasons and the location of the earth in comparison to the sun.  I was reminded of things I'd previously learned and gained new insight as well by reading this book.  I enjoyed reading this book and appreciate the reminder it has been to me of the beauty of the Creation around me and the way our Creator designed things so precisely and perfectly.   

Check out the website for the book at this link.

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Have a day of blessings!

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