Saturday, November 30, 2013

Giving Thanks 2013

30 days of thankfulness 
November 2013
11-1: thankful for the love of both of my boys as I woke up this morning, so encouraged by them both all day.
11-2: thankful for being married for 12 years 5 months today to my husband. Marriage is a blessing!
11-3: thankful for the reminder I was made by God and He has a purpose for my life.
11-4: thankful for hearing my boy singing "The Lord Liveth" as he got ready for school this morning.

11-5: thankful for lunch dates with my cute husband. (and I had a coupon so it was cheap haha!!)
11-6:  thankful for books...having the ability to read and sharing a love of reading with my husband and son.
11-7: thankful for after school snack day with my boy. We do this once a week and go to the library and get a snack he chooses. I look forward to it every week!
11-8: thankful for Friday night football with my boys.
11-9: thankful for fun day doing some Christmas shopping
11-10: thankful for fun surprises like the one today from my Secret Sister (these packages of Whoppers were on our car this morning) and yesterday one in the mail from the leader of an online discussion group I'm in.
11-11: thankful for the reminder of how many true heroes live around us and have served our country through the years. The entire school here gathered together to honor our community's veterans in a very nice program. I thought it was a wonderful tribute with student speakers, the school band, and lovely singing of patriotic pieces by the choir (which made me miss singing with my high school choir and director). Thank you to all who served and are serving. I know there are many of you in my friends list as well as several family members.
11-12-13: thankful for the many ways I can stay warm on a day like today and remember that so many do not enjoy these comforts....warm clothes and coats, an abundance of blankets, my favorite robe, taking hot baths with heated water from our hot water heater, turning on the heater as needed.
11-13: thankful for the beauty of fall. I noticed the pretty colors of the leaves this cold morning.
11-14: thankful for crayons. I've always loved coloring and haven't in a long time. I had a little picture I needed to color tonight and was reminded I should color more often!
11-15: thankful for my wonderful boy who received the citizenship award for his class for this six weeks and the kind words one of his teachers shared with me today.
11-16: thankful for the moon and seeing it tonight. It is so pretty.
11-17: thankful for a beautiful weather weekend filled with fun for us all, Caleb having a great time hunting and the stories he's told from that, and having our family pictures made today.
11-18:  thankful for my wonderful husband who works so hard to provide for our family. For example today he was at work early at 6:45, worked all day, and then went to work their booth at the resource fair. He works hard every day with little thanks or appreciation. And he always, always makes time for us which I value so very much.
11-19: thankful for how our bodies heal. I burned my pointer finger on the oven a couple weeks ago. Since it is right on top of my finger, I notice it every day and have watched it heal a little more each day.
11-20: thankful for my cozy bed.
11-21: thankful for time together making our thankful pictures. My Mom had me do this every year, and I've continued the tradition with Caleb. I need to put them all in a book so I could compare them from year to year.
11-22: thankful for my two sweet nieces and the blessing they both are to me.
11-23: thankful for time with our P family and safe trip home tonight.
11-24: thankful for laughing at various times today with my boys. Laughter is good!
11-25: thankful for a day to get caught up on some household chores.
11-26: thankful for my favorite supper made by my Momma.
11-27: thankful for seeing my cousin today. I'm thankful for all my cousins and the fun memories I have of our years growing up together. I like keeping in touch and seeing their kids on FB.
11-28:  for memories of past Thanksgivings and new memories today.
11-29: thankful for being warmed by a campfire.
11-30: thankful for the peace of God that has been with me all month long, fun memories this weekend at the deer lease, and supper plus leftovers from my Mom on our way home.

Have a day of blessings!

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