Wednesday, September 11, 2013


If you are looking for a way to connect as a family and teach your children valuable lessons for life, you should check out the book All-In2Night by Lynne Burgess. 

This is a follow-up book to the original book All-In Night.  The idea is that a family chooses one night a week where everyone is at home, and they do a lesson/activity together.  These center around the meal table and are about 15-20 minutes each. They are not long or difficult to prepare.  This book has a few introductory chapters to let the reader get to know the author which is followed by 40 activities, one for each week during the school year.  Each week has a topic, purpose, and an idea including examples of how to present the topic plus an idea of something to do related to that topic over the next week.  Some topics include courage, wisdom, recycling, loneliness, enthusiasm, and priorities.

I enjoyed reading this book and the ideas presented.  I like the message behind the book of the importance of making it a priority to be together as a family and teaching these important values to our children through this weekly time together.  I appreciated the background information the author shared about her life and her struggles as a Mom.  Nothing about the ideas took a lot of prep time or materials, so I think this is something that any family could easily incorporate into their regular life without much difficulty and would see valuable results.  As parents we need to train and teach our children so when they do face struggles they will have some experience in how to deal with these things.   

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