Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine mailboxes

This is our second year to do our Valentine mailboxes.  I started typing this post last week and didn't get it finished but wanted to share about our Valentine fun.  I wrote about the mailboxes last year.  We have had fun doing this again, and Caleb looked forward to beginning on February 1.

We kept the same boxes we made last year.  Caleb wanted to add some stuff to the outside of his.

When the flag is up you know you have mail.  Sometimes Caleb would sneak something in and announce "You've got mail."  We told him that was a phrase in the early days of email and he liked to say it.

We all three left surprises for each other in the mailboxes.  Caleb would write us coupons for things he would do for us.  One of mine was for me to borrow his new "lightwedge" that he uses to read in the dark.  I thought it was so sweet because he had just gotten it and he offered to let me borrow it.  He did make me laugh when he added a stipulation when I read it that it was at home, not in the car!  haha  Another one he gave me was doing a laundry load of whites.

My husband had some creative ones too.  He got us some candy and other days gave us coupons.  One of mine was for dessert of my choosing.  I used that one Saturday night for some chocolate cake at Cracker Barrel.  Yummy!  Another was for a foot massage. 

I used several ideas from Pinterest that I found for my ideas.  (Some were kind of corny but fun!!) Like I gave my husband a banana with a note that said "I'm bananas for you" and a bar of soap with a note that said "I was 'soapin' you'd be my valentine."  I found these crayons at Walmart and gave them to Caleb one day.  Also the 12th was his "half" birthday so I made him angel food cake for that day with a "happy 1/2 birthday" note in his mailbox. 

My husband surprised me with this Precious Moments figurine.  It is called "Our Love Is One of a Kind."  I collect Precious Moments, and it has been a long time since he gave me one so it was a fun, sweet surprise! 
(Image from Precious Moments website)

Have a day of blessings!

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