Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

This week we are meeting for Thankful Thursday at Grace Alone.

I am thankful for...
~ my husband and the nice time we had together this weekend.  We haven't had a weekend of "just us" in a while.  I love that he is my best friend and am so thankful for his friendship and how he loves me so much, even when I mess up!

~ my sweet boy who is now a TWO million word reader.  He was grinning when he got in the car yesterday and told me to guess what happened.  They announced it at lunch. (They take tests on the computer through Accelerated Reader program and that program counts the number of words per book.)

~ my new scarf my Mom made for me.  I got the yarn on sale last week and she had it made very fast!

~ the smell of banana bread cooking.

~ wonderful rain that we need so much here.

Have a day of blessings!


Kathleen said...

Oh how this reminds me to get on my crocheting. How wonderful of your mom. My hubby and I are past due for something fun to do - ! Have a great weekend :)

Angie Church said...

how very sweet the things in your every day life are what we should be thankful for
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