Friday, October 29, 2010

Flashback Friday: Halloween

This week Linda has asked us to share our childhood Halloween memories. This will be a fun one!

My flashback:
I don't remember Halloween being as big of a deal then as it seems to be now. I don't like all the scary decorations they sale in stores. I SO do not understand buying costumes for pets. Lots of houses put up all these yard decorations too which I don't get either.

Our school had Halloween carnivals. There were booths set up all around the football field--bingo, cake walk, lollipop tree, duck pond, etc. Each class or grade level was responsible for a booth. We quit having them though after blonde haired kids started getting kidnapped by people in white vans (that's what I remember at least!)

I dressed up in friendly costumes that we (meaning my Mom) usually made. One childhood costume I remember was when I was a little old lady. I looked just like my piano teacher. We have a picture of this (of course it is at my Mom's house or I'd scan it to put on here!). One year I was a clown with rainbow hair and a red nose.

In middle school we could dress up at school. My Mom made me a Hershey Kiss suit. It was my most favorite Halloween costume ever! She made my little cousin Chelcie a matching one. Another year she made me a bumble bee suit. We have a picture of Peepaw wearing the hat part with the antennae.

I don't remember ever going trick or treating up and down the street. I went to a couple houses of friends or family members to show them my costume and they'd give me candy, but I didn't just go out trick or treating random houses. Plus we lived in the country so we didn't have a lot of houses within a close walking distance.

We always had a jack o lantern. We like to carve one each year with Caleb too and take his picture with some pumpkins.

We usually take Caleb to some sort of fall festival. For his Halloweens he has been a pumpkin, puppy dog, football player, a big green truck, fireman, and clown. This year he has a police officer costume.

Have a day of blessings!


Denise said...

Thanks for sharing.

Mocha with Linda said...

You've described some fun memories, as always. I am so with you on costumes for pets! And it amazes me how many places encourage their employees to dress in costume at work.

susansspace said...

I loved reading about your halloween memories. Mine were much the same as yours. The school carnival with all the booths set up were the highlight of the halloween season. ('Fishing' for a surprise in the fishpond booth was my favorite!) We also had costume contests and cake walks.
I'll bet you were a cute bumblebee!
Hope Officer Caleb has alot of fun in his costume!