Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Field of bluebonnets
Are you having a good week?  Thursday always seems to get here quickly for me lately.

This week I am thankful for....
~ hugs from my husband. I always appreciate feeling his arms around me.

~ hearing how my big boy has enjoyed one of his class projects.  In his career/computer class they pick another teacher in the school to go "work" for during one class period.  This week he did his "job" with the band director.  He worked during the 6th grade trumpet/French horn class which he loved because he plays the trumpets.  I could tell he enjoyed it.  This is the second time they've done this.  The other time he worked in the library.

~ remembering the past year of memories with my little guy as I've been working on things for his upcoming birthday party.  In less than a week he will be 2.  I'm making a picture video and have enjoyed reminiscing through the pictures of the last year.

~ money in the checking account. I was writing down some bills and felt thankful for the money in there to pay the bills and buy extras that we need (like football cleats for our boy with growing feet!!).

~ libraries that have activities for families.  We have our local library we visit most weeks which is a smaller library but such a great resource for our little town.  Then the next town over where we go shopping, etc. has a bigger library with three different branches around town that we also visit most weeks.

~ winning prizes with United's Monopoly game.  Fun! Titus likes to get "tickets" when we go grocery shopping.

Have a day of blessings!

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Karen said...

You will always treasure those videos of the kids growing up. I have wonderful memories of the children's activities and story time at the library when I was little. Have a nice weekend.