Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

It never crossed my mind that I did not post a Thankful Thursday this week.  My husband was off and I guess I just didn't think about it.

I'll do a quick list of things I was thankful for last week.  Just because I don't like to miss a week of this!

~ time with my husband and the days he had off and was able to take off.

~ surprising our big boy with a basketball goal.  He has enjoyed it a lot!

~ the fun of Christmas morning with our little boy.  He was so cute opening gifts and then opening someone else's present.

~ pretty weather to enjoy outdoor Christmas gifts. It definitely hasn't felt like winter lately for the most part.

~ lessons learned in 2016.

~ our home, health, and family.

I wish you a wonderful beginning to 2017!  I want to keep blogging.  It has definitely changed over the years for me and I do not get many posts done now or many visits to other blogs.  I still like to blog but other things are more of a priority right now with my little guy plus my big boy and husband.  And I've accepted that it is just different right now.

Have a day of blessings!